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Parklet Designs

Parklets are reclaimed urban spaces on the site of former parking spots. Typically sited in dense urban environments they are a method of creating valuable public seating and gathering spaces that can be landscaped and also function as public art. Shown are three different parklet designs. Parklet A focuses on the idea of nature reclaiming the urban landscape. The existing road surface conceptually peels away as nature reemerges. The design also functions as a rain garden in which the vegetation absorb storm water runoff. Parklet B is an abstraction of a former delivery truck and extrudes its silhouette outward to create a variety of gathering spaces. The design concept behind Parklet C is based on many of its elements being removable and/or adjustable to conform to a variety of seating and planting arrangements. The parklet also incorporates green design features such as pitched roof panels to capture and store rainwater and an adjustable vertical planting system.